Variances – Current

  • Petition V-23 (February) Megan Gaston and Stephen Matthews, 617-838-1208, requests allow an accessory structure (proposed pool and associated pavers) to the side of the principal building.Located on the south side of Gaskin Walk, east of Upper Brandon Place (4938 Gaskin Walk).
  • Petition V-22 (February) Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, represented by Gary Duryea, 404-403-3479, requests to 1) Increase the maximum allowable sign height from eight (8′) feet to nine (9′) feet; 2) increase the maximum allowable sign area from 64 square feet to 78 square feet; and 3) increase the maximum allowable electronic sign area from 32 square feet ...
  • Petition V-19 (February) Amy Bowen, 770/649-1814, requests to reduce the front setback from the required 35 feet to 33 feet for a front porch.Located on the east side of Hatton Walk, east of Lexham Drive (1306 Hatton Walk).